Music Videos

Snow Patrol on tour in New York City

Snow Patrol on tour in New York City


Music videos are an important part of any musician’s marketing and image. They’re often the first time a fan or potentially new fan will see your new song. Sure, they’ll hear it on the radio or stream it on Soundcloud or a similar service, but a music video is where they see what you as an artist intended the music to convey.

At Crowdshots Media, we recognize that video killed the radio star and that's why we’re working to bring high-quality music video services to our clients. Whether you need a staged music video or to record a live gig, we’re auditioning videographers and cinematographers to join our team in order to bring you the best possible service.

While we’re not yet ready to begin offering video to clients, we do plan to a pretty cool introductory promotion when we are ready. Please check back often for the latest updates on when video will be available through Crowdshots Media, and if your project is time-sensitive please feel free to email us and we’ll connect you with someone who can help.

  • The Crowdshots Media Team