Tour Photography


The atmosphere. The emotion. The vibe. The energy. The fans screaming your name.

When a band goes on tour, they go on a journey through dozens of cities in dozens of states and play to countless fans. A tour is something special, the band and thousands of fans come together for one reason: the music. Tour documentation isn’t easy and is very rarely, if ever, about what happens on stage. There will undoubtedly be as many as 10 or 12 press photographers in each city who can capture what happens on stage, but what really matters, what captures the hearts of everyone involved and what those on the tour remember when it’s all over is the moments nobody else sees.

Backstage, in the green room, on the bus, out back in the truck, sound check, load in, the all-night truck stop diner on the side of the interstate in a town nobody has ever heard of. Tour documentation is about more than the show, it’s about the different kind of life that is being on the road.

At Crowdshots Media, we understand what matters to a band on tour and how to capture those intimate moments where there are no fans, no press, and no distractions. Take us on tour with you and let us document the moments you’ll never forget.

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