Live Band Photography

Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Jones Beach

Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, Jones Beach


For Musicians:

Crowdshots Media offers live photography for musicians and bands of all sizes, draws and budgets. With four years of experience photographing bands from around the world in venues ranging 500 cappers to 15,000 seat arenas, we’re confident we can deliver an experience like no other for your next gig!

Pricing ranges from $75 to $300 we offer packages to meet most budgets!

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For Venues:

As a live music venue, your most important task is getting people in the door to see the bands you’re booking. One of the ways to do that is with high-quality imagery from previous performances, and here at Crowdshots Media we believe professional-quality photos should be accessible to every venue. Our photographers are experts in live music and have a passion for creating images like no other, and we believe we deliver the best quality money can buy.

Email us to discuss your venue’s specific needs and how we can take your house photography to the next level!