Photo Pit Etiquette *RANT*

Okay, look, I get that everyone is in the pit for the same reason - to get their shots within 3 songs and get out of the way. That's fine, I don't have a problem with that and understand the rules are the rules for a reason, and photographers are limited to a minimal amount of time to shoot and leave the pit. Fine, I get it, that's not the issue.

The issue is people who walk around the pit like they own the place or like their photo pass - the same photo pass I and everyone else was given - entitles them to be an asshole. It doesn't. You don't get to push people out of the way or hold your camera up in front of other photographers, blatantly getting your entire camera body AND the speedlight you're not allowed to use and should not have mounted to your camera, in my frame for 3 songs.

See exhibit A above. I get it, photographers want different angles. That's fine, but you should NOT be doing this while standing in front of other photographers. You see me standing right beside you and you throw your camera, flash and all, into my frame because *YOUR* shot is more important than mine.

Is the image above the best photo? Nope. Is it any worse because there's a giant camera and hand in the frame? Probably not, but I have other shots I looked at and deleted because THIS GUY was so self important that he had to do the "Hail Mary" ALL NIGHT and ruin at least a dozen of my shots.

Again, let me be clear that I don't have a problem with photographers wanting different angles. That's fine, I do things all the time that allow me to get a different angle. What I DON'T do is throw my camera up in front of other photographers. I move behind them and out of their way so I don't interfere with their shot, because theirs is no less important.

Moral of this story is: don't be a jerk to the people you have to work with, because karma's a bitch and what goes around, comes around. Play nice in the pit, everyone, and happy shooting.

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