Reworking the blog....

Man, I haven’t blogged since November 2017. My original intention was to take it offline temporarily because I simply didn’t have the time to write anything of substance, but then I got busy with a bunch of other stuff and never came back to it.

Now that I no longer run a music publication and have more time to dedicate to this, I’m going to be bringing it back in the near future with weekly posts. “Tales From The Pit” will be going away, at least as the title of the blog. I’ll call it something else or maybe I won’t call it anything at all and just have different segments with “Tales From The Pit” being a weekly post about photo pit horror stories. I have a separate portfolio for my portrait and wedding photography business,, but it’s too difficult to integrate a blog with SmugMug and I want to have a one-stop shop for all things photography, so this blog isn’t going to be about concert photography - not that it ever really was.

With all of that out of the way, here’s what I have planned as of right now:

  • Name change

  • Recurring segment talking about life in concert photography - maybe “Tales From The Pit” reincarnated

  • Gear reviews - lenses, lighting, earplugs, bags, straps, modifiers etc

  • Technical stuff about photography in general

  • Photo editing - I did a blog on photo editing back in 2017 and I want to expand on that without giving away my own workflow

  • Guest spots - I want to involve other concert photographers in the blog, guys who have seen way more shit than I have and can tell stories about the industry that nobody else sees.

  • Photo of the Day - a different photo every day that isn’t part of my portfolio and a bit of backstory behind it. In reality, this may end being more like “photo of the week”, depending on how often I can get to it.

  • Videos - I’m seriously entertaining launching a YouTube channel that will include behind-the-scenes stuff; fan interaction outside shows and at festivals, on-location shoots explaining how and why I’m doing something, and possibly even video reviews of products from lenses to lights to bags and who knows what else. Maybe even some interviews with other photographers and possibly some musicians. We’ll see how far down the road I get with this, but it is something I’d like to get to by the summer.

So that’s kind of the rundown of what I want this blog to encompass now that Crowdshots Media has been reborn. Maybe I’ll bring back “progressions of a madman” and rip apart some more of my old work. I did promise a concert photography themed episode of that series and never got around to it; maybe that'll be my first new post?

Whichever direction I decide to go, the blog is slowly making a comeback. I’m still working on finalizing new apparel and business cards, and reaching out to some brands to maybe work out sponsorship or some comp gear to demo and review, so I’d say the first new post should be out around the end of April.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Deuces.